Guangzhou is on the coast of the South China Sea and 182 kilometers away from Hong Kong, it is China’s largest and most prosperous city in the south, an important seaport for foreign trade and a famous historical and cultural city over 2,000 years old. It hosts annual spring and autumn exports trade fairs. It has convenient land, water and air transport. International air routes link it to Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Daily flights, trains, ships and hovercraft go between the city and Hong Kong. Guangzhou is located within the Tropic of Cancer and has no real winter. It grows three crops of rice a year and plenty of fruits. Flowers are in blossom all the year round, so Guangzhou is called “the City of Flowers.” Visitors enjoy the beautiful sub-tropical scenery. Its spots of interest include Yuexiu Park, Guangxiao Temple, the Octagonal Flower pagoda in the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, the Dagoba at Huaishen Temple, and the Mount BaiYun Scenic Area in the city, and Zhaoqing Seven-Star Rock, Foshan Ancestral Temple and Conghua Hot Spring outside the city.


  • Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • Luhu Golf Course
  • Shangxiajiu Street
  • Chen Clan Temple
  • Xiangjiang Safari Park
  • Guang Xiao Temple
  • Pearl River Day & Night Cruise
  • World Trade Centre
  • Big Hippo Water World
  • Baiyun Mountain
  • Guangzhou Friendship Store
  • Trade Fair Centre
  • Chime-Long Night Zoo


 5 Must-Do Things

Pearl River Night Cruise

At 2,214 kilometers (about 1,376 miles) long, the Pearl River is the third largest river in China. One cannot be considered to have visited Guangzhou if he hasn’t cruised the scenic Pearl River. Views along the Pearl River in Guangzhou City are charming and gentle. Compared to the daytime cruise on the Pearl River, the night cruise is even more fascinating under the sparkling lights. The night cruise starts from the White Goose Pool and ends at the Guangzhou Bridge in the east and Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south. This section offers visitors vistas such as ‘Night Moon over the Goose Pool’ and ‘Red Heart of the Pearl River’.

White Cloud Mountain

White Clouds Mountain is a famous mountain in South China. It is honored to be the first scenery of Goat City and the first mountain of Southern Yue since ancient times due to its magnificence and loftiness. The summit of the mountain will be wreathed by clouds whenever the sky clears after the rain or in the late springtime. White Clouds Mountain is a famous historic attraction in Guangzhou, with lots of splendid scenery and places of interest, elected as the historical and new Eight Attractions of Guangzhou.

Chen Clan Academy

The Chen Clan is an academic temple in Guangzhou (Canton), built by the 72 clans for their juniors’ accommodation and preparation for the imperial examinations in 1894 in the Qing Dynasty. Later it was changed to the Chen Clan’s Industry College and then middle schools afterward. Now it houses the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Apart from the architectural style, the Chen Clan Academy is filled with all sorts of local handicrafts: ivory sculptures, coconut sculptures, jade sculptures, wooden sculptures, paper-cuttings, colored ceramics, costumes, and furniture, etc. The themes represented are wide-ranging and picturesque: historical legends, myths, nature, gardens, etc. Because every item in the collection is invaluable, the academy can be called the treasure house of handicrafts.

Dim Sum

Guangzhou is famous for its snack foods, or dim sum, which are a part of the city’s culture. In Cantonese-style tea restaurants, carts are wheeled from table to table, from which diners can choose tapas-portioned dishes they like. Overseas, dim sum is even more popular than any other Chinese dishes.


Deciding on where to shop in Guangzhou is not a big problem. Guangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. You can see everything and you can get everything, from A to Z, here, You name it, you see it, you grab it!


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Events in Guangzhou

Spring festival flower fair

Guangzhou has long been praised as a “flower city” and the Spring Festival flower fair held every year has attracted the attention from at home and abroad There is an old saying there, “No flower fairs, no Spring Festival.” The flower fair usually starts three days before the Spring Festival. The New Year’s Eve is the climax of the flower market when huge crowds of people surge to the street. It is customary for most of the families to visit the fair after the reunion dinner on the New Year’s Eve and buy a potted tree with tangerines hanging on it. The tangerine symbolizes good luck and wealth to the local people and the chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity.

New Year Firework

Guangzhou New Year fireworks entertainment is usually held on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, lasting from 20:30 to 21:00. People who come from far and near pour into Bai’e Pool to enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks, celebrating the joyous spring festival. At 8:30 in the evening that day, all the lights on the square blackout and the sky soon shines with the light from the fireworks. A variety of colorful fireworks crackle across the sky, bringing people a tender, romantic, holy and pure feeling.

Canton Fair Trade

China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. The Fair is a comprehensive one with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete in exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China.

Fair Session:

the 126th China Import and Export Fair

Phase1: Oct15-19,2019

Phase2: Oct23-27,2019

Phase3: Oct31-Nov4,2019

Current & Upcoming Trade Shows and Trade Events in Canton>>


Things to do in Guangzhou

Yuexiu Park/ Mountain lotus/ Changlong international Circus/Chimelong Paradise/Shamian Groups of Buildings


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